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Commercial Painters

Picking the right colour for your business

Whether your restaurant, office, or commercial business needs a painting makeover, Toronto Painting Services is your goto professionals to get the job done right and efficient. We work with you to make sure your business or commercial unit is running while we work at anytime that's best for you and your business, so you don't have to close your doors.

Toronto Painting Services are leading painting service contractors who are always ready to to help you and your business grow. We work with our interior designers to make sure you get the best quality paint and right colours you need for any painting services you need. 

stucco painted

Make your business shine!

Your interior design is what defines your business, having the right colours is what makes you stand out from the rest. When choosing the right colours remember that some colours don't match and others clash. It's not an easy task, but at Toronto Painting Services we can help you choose the best colours for your commercial business. We have over 20 years experience and have worked with hundreds of commercial businesses to make their restaurants, offices and commercial units shine.

If you are having a difficult time choosing what the best colours for your business are, our team at Toronto Painting Services are always available to help with a free consultation. We are a trusted painting service company across Toronto and the surrounding areas and we know you'll love our work.

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painted commercial building

Commercial Painting

Interior & Exterior  Commercial Painters

Professional Commercial Painters Services

Wall's that may be chipping or cracking can damage the look for any business. Whether it happened from a poor painting job, flooding, or wear and tear, it's bound to happen. We see this a lot in older commercial units and almost always goes unnoticed to the business owner. Majority of the time being in your business for so many years you get use to things and don't notice what your customers see. At Toronto Painting Services we can help with all painting services no matter how big or small, from touch ups to whole businesses. We are always here to help your business grow.

Office painting

painted office building

Whether you're looking to paint a single office or the entire office building, we have you covered. Our professional office painters are always ready to have your goals met and are ready to transform your work space and get your company back to business. Our goal is to make sure you and your business are not disrupted , so our staff will work around your schedule so you don't have to put a pause on business. Colours can play a big role in productivity. We can work with you to help you choose the right colours so you can boost productivity and get back in the game. 

Retail store painting

Painting your retail store can be quite difficult to plan. Your businesses brand is everything and colours do matter. At Painting on Demand we are always available to paint you retail store always working around your hours so your customers never have to wait. We have worked with many clients after hours so they never have to close their doors.

Make your business grow

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