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Epoxy Flooring Services

What is epoxy?

Epoxy is a coating is that it is chemically distinct from regular floor paints. Epoxy resin flooring consists of a two-part epoxy system - a combination of polymer resins and hardeners, much like epoxy glue but when properly mixed, the epoxy resin and hardener react to one another resulting in a chemical bond with each compound and with the floor itself. The chemical bond creates a stiff plastic material that is durable, resistant to degradation, and bonds exceptionally well to its substrate.

Epoxy flooring has the capability for withstand pretty much anything. Mainly used for industrial and manufacturing sites, epoxy is now used in homes, garages and commercial spaces. Surfaces like concrete are not easy to clean but installing epoxy flooring on top and you get a surface that's durable and easy to clean. Saving you money and time on repairs while leaving you with a beautiful epoxy floor.

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Flake Epoxy flooring

This type of epoxy floor contains colored flake materials that are inserted in the epoxy to create a vibrant, multi-hued look. Epoxy flaked flooring is mainly used in garages and the flakes help with extra slip. Epoxy is a great way to hide that ugly concrete floor, and if your concrete has chips or stains, epoxy is a great substitute for changing your floor. The flakes not only offer a seamless look but also provides each surface with subtle grooves to reduce any slips and falls.

Metallic Epoxy is a new style in the epoxy world. It starts by using a metallic, one colour base and adding designs of a different metallic colour accents. All designs are different, and you can never get the same design twice. Metallic Epoxy is used not only in garages and concrete floors. It's being used for kitchen floors, living rooms, and even counter tops. Anywhere you can find a floor you can add epoxy! 

Metallic Epoxy flooring

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Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy & Metallic Epoxy Flooring Specialists

Durable and strong.

Epoxy is a protective floor covering and ideal for garages, industrial work spaces, warehouses and factories. You can never be to cautious when it comes to you and your staffs safety. Epoxy is a nonslip, durable floor covering. A non-coated floor like concrete,  is difficult to clean, but epoxy flooring is a sealed surface that is smooth and dust free with an easy clean up.

Epoxy your home or business

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We offer all kinds of epoxy services. Whether you are looking to epoxy your home or business we have our team ready to help and make your floors a dream.

We epoxy all homes and businesses

  • Homes

  • Home garages

  • Counter-tops

  • Restaurants

  • Offices

  • Coffee Shops

  • Apartment building garages

  • Fences and balconies

  • Condo lobbies

  • Condo garages

  • Gyms

  • Retail stores

  • Office buildings

  • Industrial buildings

Epoxy Protection for Warehouses and Garages

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