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Bedroom Colour Ideas in 2020

We all have our own ideas of what we want our homes to look like, each room matching with the decor or some colour combination that we see either at a friends or family members house or even online. We get inspired everyday, just scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest can make the wheels start spinning in our heads. Picking that perfect bedroom colour that screams you, doesn't have to be as difficult as it seems.

We are lucky enough to live a world where the internet and design ideas are in our pockets, and while there are thousands of colours to choose from, we all have our favourite one. It doesn't matter if you like bright, dark or neutral colours. It's your favourite and no one can change that. Whether your bedroom is your place to relax and unwind, or if it's a place where you can gather your thoughts and get inspired. It's all yours and it's what makes you, you. For some it might seem impossible, but with a little bit of tips & tricks you're gonna find it's pretty easier than you think.

We are only half way through 2020 and our lives were put on hold. Our countries start opening up slowly, but we've been stuck inside for four months. So chances are you are getting sick of staring at the same four walls over and over again. Here are some bedroom colours to inspire you for your 2020 bedroom.

Rich and luxurious or calming and contemporary? No matter what kind of style you enjoy most, creating your dream bedroom in 2020 should make you feel as amazing as you are.


Easy Paint Picks

When choosing paint colours for your bedroom this one is foolproof. You don't have to be an interior designer or know all the current trends to be great at this one. Take your cues from the fabrics used on bedding and window treatments and match your walls with those colours.

Bedsheets, pillows, nightstands, or curtains, it doesn't matter. As long as they are the same colour or a slight variation, you will be left with an amazing and beautiful bedroom that blends well together. If you’re overwhelmed by colour choices, try pulling a hue from a favourite fabric for a wall colour that helps you achieve your design goals.


Calm, Cool, & Collected

When you need to help from the daily stresses of life and just need to relax and unwind, neutrals are your best choice. But they need not be boring! You can always have colours like soft greys, creamy whites, and warm umber hues can be used to create a quiet backdrop for colourful furnishings— and its perfect for those who like to switch up accessories or fabrics often.

There are also a broad range of neutrals and off whites that can create an equally tranquil space for the bedroom

Accent Walls

Accent walls are a great look with any room in a house. An accent wall is a wall whose design differs from the design of the other walls in the room. The accent wall's colour can simply be a different shade of the colour of the other walls, or have a completely different design in terms of the colour and material. Accent walls are a great way to really make your bedroom stand out. It has an excellent feel to it. It gives you more room to match fabrics and accessories, and while having colours matched right, you will never be happier.

Usually a much lighter, much darker, or more saturated colour, but not always. An accent wall defines the room much more clearly than any one colour applied to all four walls can. In fact accent walls are a lot more like decor accessories than like interior paint.

Wallpaper is a great alternative for painted accent walls, it can be any design, from small or large and will match with pillows, bedsheets, and any decor.


Ceilings Accents

When it comes to painting, ceilings are often overlooked. When you think of ceilings, you think white and you're not wrong. While classic white paint is most favourable, an unexpected colour on a ceiling can enhance the room's character. You can utilize that for a not so common accent wall. You can be as creative as you want.

Saying goodbye to those white coloured paint ceilings and hello to accent coloured ceilings. After all, a ceiling is your fifth wall and no one said it has to be plain.

Don't be worried to try some darker hues. They look stunning and match very well, especially if you are adventurous. You can still choose the light coloured paints on your ceiling and it will give you an airy effect that can visually raise the ceiling. This is a great way to make the room look taller and larger, especially in a small room or a room with a lower ceiling. Simply paint the ceiling with a lighter shade or a slight variation of the wall colour and you will be in awe with the results.


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